As I sit back and think…

I (Mary) have been given the duties of now updating and maintaining this blog because Machelle has a lot on her plate. She is working full time, in school full time and as of late, working on growing a baby that we will affectionately call Doodle. I am only working full time–so naturally this would fall to me :-D.

On December 17th, we went to the OB’s office with what looked like an extra large version of the milk containers that used to be delivered to back porches by the milkman. We had picked it up at one office and went to another office to have the “procedure” completed. It was a pretty quiet 15 mile ride from one office to the next. I think that we were both very nervous and thinking that this package we had strapped in to the back seat of the car, could be getting ready to change our lives forever. We got to the office and went back to the procedure room.  We are virgins at this and did not know that the specimen had to be thawed for 20 minutes before anything else can happen.

Now, I may not be the most romantic person in the world (as I am sure that Machelle can attest to), but waiting for the specimen to warm up felt extremely cold and scientific.  I did not imagine that this would be how we would try to conceive a baby. For people who have never done this, there are no candles, soft soothing music, or a glass of red wine. There are stirrups, lights and syringes. Please don’t think that I am complaining about the service that we received, because that was excellent–it’s just not how you imagine it.

After the doctor was done with the insemination, which took less than 3 minutes, we gathered our belongings including the little vial that had cost us so much money but was so full of everything that was necessary–including hopes, dreams, and aspirations.  The doctor told us that we should wait 2 weeks to take a pregnancy test.  Any time that either one of us is told to wait, you might as well tell us that we must wait while the world is exploding and we should just sit back and not do anything for 2 weeks.  But none the less, we waited.

On Christmas Morning, Machelle took a test to see if something would show and it didn’t. She says that she had convinced herself that she was not pregnant and was fully prepared to go through this cycle again next month. She kept pretty quiet about this, to me at least. The following day, she woke up and said that something just didn’t feel right so she decided to take another test. This time there was the faintest of faint positive tests. She came to show me in bed and I did not believe her. I could not see anything. She seemed so positive about it so I tried to remain positive as well, trying to will what may have been in to existence.

Over the next few days and about 15 other pregnancy tests later, I finally believed that this was actually happening. On a side note, neither one of us is very good at keeping secrets when they are of such a large magnitude. We had originally decided that we would not tell my parents until after we heard the 1st heartbeat.  Well that flew out of the window, when we decided that we would tell them on New Year’s Eve.

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