Only The Best Parents Get Promoted to Grandparents!

We decided on New Year’s Eve that we would go to see my parents who live about 45 minutes away to let them know that Machelle was pregnant..mainly because we could not hold it from them any more.  We also wanted them to know that we were trying, in case we needed support for other reasons that we had no control over.

We dropped off our fur babies at the kennel and got there around 5. We had told them that we had found an extra Christmas present that we had forgotten to give them on Christmas and wanted them to open it.  We eventually got around to opening the present and I’ll let you look at the video for yourself. 

My parents knew that we would eventually try to have children, but I don’t think that they expected it this soon.  The picture that we had given them was taken with a new camera that Machelle had given me for Christmas. It was a picture of Machelle holding up a positive pregnancy test. My dad thought that it was some very “artsy” picture of her holding a thermometer at first, but quickly realized that this was the announcement that they were going to be grandparents.  We then spent the next many hours describing the steps that we went through. Machelle mentioned something about twins and my mom’s response meant more to me than anything I think I have ever heard.

Machelle: “There is a possibility it could be multiples because of the method that was used”
My Mom: “Do twins run in your family?”
Machelle: “No”
My Mom: “Well they don’t on our’s either.”

It may seem like such an incredibly small thing to say.  At that moment though, it was made clear to us that my parents see this child, who will have no biological relation to them, as their grandchild. And they will be the best Grandparents in the world. They are both so loving and caring and we both can’t wait to share in this journey with them. We are very lucky that they live only 45 minutes away now.

2 thoughts on “Only The Best Parents Get Promoted to Grandparents!

  1. That was awesome! Made my eyes all teary and brought back feelings of when we told our parents and my my dad’s first reaction (after shedding a few tears of course) was to ask, “So when are you guys due!?” as if BOTH of us were carrying…made me realize that in their eyes, we were a family, and that’s priceless…

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