Did you ever think you were going to be a great grandpa?

So of all of the people I (Machelle) most wanted to tell we were pregnant- my “Paw Paw” was the one I was most looking forward to.  Last August while on a family vacation with my entire extended family at the beach, I taught him how to FaceTime on his iPhone.  The man is 79.  But we text, and we FaceTime regularly.  Unbeknownst to him, I record our conversations.  One day, my Paw Paw won’t be here, and I want to capture all our conversations, even thought we are about 1,000 miles apart.   These videos of us talking are something I save in 2 or 3 places (laptop, hard drive in firesafe, and cloud back up) to make sure that years from now, I can still have a little piece of him with me.

He had called me last week and asked if we wanted some of his mother’s (Grandma Dorothy) quilts.  We got them in the mail a few days ago.  I had already planned how I was going to tell him…

“We got the quilts…and we were thinking they would go well in the nursery…” and I would wait for him to catch on.  So glad I captured this moment.

I know a lot of LGBT couples who don’t have supportive family- they can’t come out to their parents, much less their grandparents.  My grandfather admitted to me that he understands that, “You can’t help who you fall in love with…” I am so blessed that even my nearly 80 year old grandfather is accepting and is looking forward to to being a Great Grandpa.  He didn’t ever think this would happen…

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