Week 10

So week 10 has been pretty uneventful for us…except for the fact that we announced it on Facebook this week.  We are so lucky to be surrounded by family and friends that support us and are excited for us! We appreciate all that everyone does for us and the joy that they express with us! We did tell my sister this week and she had the best reaction so far!! We are hoping that Machelle also continues to feel a little more energetic and not as nauseous!

Questions for Machelle- Week 10
1. Are you feeling nauseous? Not nearly as bad..only if I don’t eat!
2. Are you more tired than normal? Yes! This past weekend we have done a LOT of sleeping!
3. Any weird dreams? Yes, I had a dream that the baby did not have legs..but I was ok with that, because it could still go to college with no legs..weird–I know.
4. Can you feel the baby move? No
5. What are you most excited about? Hearing the heartbeat and getting started on the nursery
6. What are you most nervous about? Making sure that I do everything to graduate in May
7. What is one thing you would like to accomplish this week in order to get ready for Doodle? Look at child daycare centers because I have heard that you have to start this early because it is difficult to get a spot.
8. What is one thing that has happened that you didn’t expect? I’ve become addicted to fruit and Jimmy Johns will wrap your meat separately so that you can still eat it after it has been heated up!
9. Are you seeing any changes in your body (that you feel comfortable discussing–of course)? 
My boobs are getting bigger
10. What is one thing that Mary can do for you to make your life a little less stressful?
 Take care of the home owners warranty, buy a vacuum–obviously she didn’t get around to this in week 9!

Questions for Mary- Week 9
1. How are you feeling this week? My ankle feels a million times better and I got Friday off of work so I got to relax..I promise to get on the things that Machelle has asked me to do!
2. What are you most excited about? Right now, getting back in to the gym and eating healthier!
3. What are you most nervous about? Being a mom who knows nothing about being a mom.
4. What is one thing that you would like to accomplish this week in order to get ready for Doodle? In my defense, I tried to fix the bifold door but it is more difficult than first suspected..so I will finish that this week.
5. What is one thing that happened this week that you didn’t expect? Machelle says I was actually decisive about the furniture that will go in the nursery..apparently I can be a little bit of a commitment phobe!
6. What has Machelle craved this week? Fruit, fruit and fruit–and CookOut Milkshakes
7. What is one thing that you can do this week to make Machelle feel more comfortable or ease anxiety for her? 
Buy a vacuum!!

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