11 Weeks

Questions for Machelle- Week 11
1. Are you feeling nauseous? No..not every day and it just comes and goes
2. Are you more tired than normal? Yes! But it has gotten better than last week
3. Any weird dreams? Yes, but I don’t remember what they were
4. Can you feel the baby move? No
5. What are you most excited about? Hearing the heartbeat and getting the fetal doppler in the mail this week. We got the appointment changed back to the original week that it had been and are very excited about this!
6. What are you most nervous about? I really want to feel the baby move soon.
7. What is one thing you would like to accomplish this week in order to get ready for Doodle? Pick out paint colors for the nursery–gray and yellow is our theme but picking out the actual shades are a different story!
8. What is one thing that has happened that you didn’t expect? For maternity clothes to be so much more comfortable and having a difficult time finding maternity clothes that I liked.
9. Are you seeing any changes in your body (that you feel comfortable discussing–of course)? 
Yes, I can feel that my uterus moved out above my pubic bone
10. What is one thing that Mary can do for you to make your life a little less stressful?
  Figure out who will paint the nursery and fix the door for the laundry room. (And she did what I asked last week)

Questions for Mary- Week 11
1. How are you feeling this week? Excited, nervous, a little freaked out…but in a good way!
2. What are you most excited about? Hearing the heartbeat on Wednesday..and getting the new vacuum.
3. What are you most nervous about? Being a mom who knows nothing about being a mom still holds true this week.
4. What is one thing that you would like to accomplish this week in order to get ready for Doodle? Move furniture around so that we can make room for the nursery
5. What is one thing that happened this week that you didn’t expect? I have started noticing how incredibly cute kids are:-D I used to not really pay much attention to them..but now they seem to be every where and boy are they cute.
6. What has Machelle craved this week? Lots of Mexican food!
7. What is one thing that you can do this week to make Machelle feel more comfortable or ease anxiety for her?
Stop asking her to change her doctor’s appointments because of my schedule..and read up on how to be a positive coach during labor.

So again, this week has been pretty uneventful. Machelle feels pretty good most of the time and was able to find some clothes that are more comfortable. I can only imagine how good of a mother Machelle is going to be. She is so sweet to our dogs and cares so much for everyone. She’s also pretty sweet to me (unless she is hungry or tired 😉

We are very excited to still be on this journey and are looking forward to the other changes that will take place!


2 thoughts on “11 Weeks

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