Nineteen Weeks and Counting

Happy Sunday and blog update day y’all!

It is hard for me to even put in to words how fast these weeks are going by. It seems like yesterday that we were telling my parents that we were approximately 4 weeks pregnant!

This past week has been a good one, but one that has also been full of emotions for both Machelle and myself.

I think that there is a reason that God (or whoever) made it impossible for 2 women to get pregnant on their own. 2 hormonal women in the same household sometimes can equal emotional highs and lows. I am sure that heterosexual people go through this as well, but I don’t think that it is like this. Let me preface everything that I post about tonight by saying that Machelle and I always talk through the issues that we are having and so none of this is will be a surprise for her when she reads this after finishing up what will be some of her last homework as an undergraduate!

On Wednesday this week, I may or may not have gone a little crazy. I was upstairs putting on my workout clothes after work and I thought that I heard Machelle cleaning out the dishwasher. I thought, “Man, that’s really sweet of her to put the dishes up” and carried on about changing my clothes. I came downstairs to find a plate of kiwi juice in the sink. I don’t like kiwis. Anyways, I went to put the dish in the dishwasher and came to find that what I had heard was Machelle just getting the plate out to cut the kiwi on, NOT emptying the dishwasher. I have no idea why, but I kind of lost it inside. I did a pretty good job of keeping it together on the the outside and calmly, as possible, put up the dishes and went to the gym.  I called my sister on the way and she listened to me bitch about what had just happened. I wanted to post about this so that maybe someone reading this who is the husband/wife/baby daddy/baby momma of someone who is pregnant will see that it is not just the pregnant person who goes through a wide range of emotions. I think that it is contagious! There are books on how pregnant women will feel, what their symptoms will be like, etc but I can’t find a good resource on how the spouse of a pregnant woman will feel..there just always seems to be 1 chapter in these books dedicated to husbands or fathers of the baby. Maybe I am just reading the wrong material?

So Machelle graduates with her undergraduate on May 2nd! Yahoo! It’s been a long 2 years of homework, papers, finals and the occasional late nights for her and I am so proud of her! Her family, including her grandfather are coming to see her graduate and I know that she is very ready for this portion of her life to be completed. She is extremely stressed out that something will happen between now and then with her grades and she will not be able to graduate. I try to reassure her that if she has made it this far, she will be fine.  She is taking 1 week off and then starting on her MBA. Yes, you heard me right, the 5 month pregnant lady will be starting on a MBA. I have heard multiple people tell me that she is crazy to try to do this with a newborn. I have also heard other people tell me that this will be the best time for her to do it. I have no doubt that she can do it! Once she puts her mind to something, Katie bar the door, she’s doing it. By the way, I have no idea where that saying comes from.

The past few days, food has been dictating our lives. Ok, lets be real, food dictates our lives the majority of the time. I am, proudly, down to the lowest weight that I have been in about 4 years and I feel great. However, that does not mean that I don’t still want to eat the hell out of everything I see. I love food and I love food that is bad for me. I have worked really hard to pack my lunch and breakfast for work so that I do not go to the cafeteria and spend unnecessary money as well as get food that is unhealthy for me. They say if you do something for 3 months that it becomes a habit–lets see if that holds true!  With that being said, the weekends are kind of cheat days for Machelle and me. We typically eat lunch out both days and sometimes dinner. Last night we got pizza from Papa Murphys. It had chicken, cheese, spinach and sundried tomatoes on it and it was delicious. Machelle loved it and ate it as soon as it was cooked. I waited to eat my portion of the pizza until after I had finished working on Doodle’s nursery and it was after Machelle had gone to bed. This morning/afternoon Machelle looked at me from the kitchen and said “Where’d the pizza go?” I calmly replied “I ate it last night for dinner” she then proceeded to pout because that was “her” pizza. I asked her what she had expected me to eat last night for dinner and her response was “Not the pizza.” I learned very early that you don’t screw with a pregnant woman’s food. And when she says she is hungry, feed her–immediately. There is no time to waste and I think it is to get you ready for having a child that constantly snacks. You better have something to eat and it better be what she wants.  If it had been normal Machelle who had told me that she had wanted the pizza, I would have laughed it off and told her to suck it up; but this is not the case. I felt bad for eating my dinner?!? Have no fear, we have since laughed about this and everything is fine. She is able to understand when she is acting irrationally, but she just can’t help it. Lesson learned: eat a peanut butter sandwich for dinner the next time we Machelle has pizza. This afternoon was no different as far as food goes. I went to Taco Bell and got Machelle Jimmy Johns because she wasn’t feeling well and this sounded good to her. Ever since Machelle has gotten pregnant, the smell of Taco Bell has made her feel nauseous. I got home from getting the food and she asked what I had gotten. When I said Taco Bell she said that she had just had a craving for a chicken quesadilla–great, there goes that food too, I thought. She was in the bathtub because her back was hurting and so I immediately brought her half of my chicken quesadilla. I was not prepared to go through what I had gone through  a few hours earlier because I did not offer my food to her. I wish I could have taken a picture of her eating the quesadilla in the bathtub. We laughed and she said that this was not one of her prouder moments. Let me also quickly say that the pizza we ate last night had a lot of garlic on it and I was blessed to receive my father’s genes in the way that when I eat garlic or onions, it seeps out of my pores. I had just finished rubbing Machelle’s back because it was hurting–as I am in the process of doing this, she tells me to get my garlic self away from her because it was making her nauseous. Another lesson learned: Sometimes you just can’t win with pregnant people.

On a side note, please do not think that Machelle is a horrible person! She tells me on a daily basis how lucky she is to have someone like me in her life and constantly asks how she got so lucky. I tell her that she must have done something pretty amazing in her past life :-D. She is an amazing person as well and I love her dearly..even when she drives me crazy.

As for Doodle, we have our big ultrasound tomorrow! My parents are coming and we are definitely excited about it! I think that I am going to have to duck tape my mouth shut so that I don’t yell at the ultrasound tech to tell me if it is a boy or girl. I know that I don’t really want to know and it would be like opening all your presents early on Christmas Eve but the temptation being right there is almost unbearable. I do not care if it is a boy or girl..honestly. I used to think that people were lying when they would say that they didn’t care when you would ask them–now I know that they weren’t. As long as the baby is healthy and things are developing the way that they should, I honestly don’t care and I know that the surprise on Doodle’s birthday will be worth it! Doodle’s movements are getting stronger and more frequent–or at least Machelle can feel them more often. We also decided on a date and location for our baby shower. My sister, mom and one of my sister’s friends are going to throw it for us. It will be on July 11th! I have started work on getting the nursery ready. We decided, last minute, to not change the current office in to the nursery and to make the 2nd biggest room in the house the nursery so that we would not be so cramped. Getting the nursery ready involves taking down wallpaper on one wall and a wallpaper border around the entire room. Screw wallpaper and what ever middle aged woman who was probably bored and thought gluing paper to a damn wall was a good idea. Wallpaper is my nemesis, but the end result is going to be so pretty! I am very excited about how this nursery is going to turn out. We are doing a gray, yellow, teal elephant theme. The one thing that worries me is that sometimes I get ideas in my head and then the end result doesn’t turn out the way that I thought that it would. Machelle told me the other day that I was the artistic one in the relationship and that scares me a little! I am far from artistic, but we will see!

I will probably update tomorrow with how the ultrasound goes! I hope everyone has a great week and I’ll leave y’all with the 19 week picture! Oh and one more thing–Doodle..if by chance you want to somehow show us if you are a boy or girl tomorrow even though we will tell the nice technician to not let us know, that’d be ok–I promise I won’t hold it against you! 😉


Let me say that when I took this picture I did not think about how it said “You are plumping up” and let me be very clear that I am NOT talking about Machelle plumping up–I am talking about Doodle!!

Y’all be kind to one another and yourself!


One thought on “Nineteen Weeks and Counting

  1. We enjoyed this weeks blog. Machelle has a little of her grandpa in her. Bless you Mary. Grandpa is so looking forward to seeing you both. Wish I was coming but not able to. Would love to feel Doodles moving. Have a great week.

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