21 Weeks, Graduation and a Wedding

This week has been quite the busy one!

Machelle graduated college with her undergraduate yesterday and begins her MBA program tomorrow..so I got a whole 1 day with no school worries or homework. I am so proud of Machelle and couldn’t be happier for her. I didn’t think that the ceremony would affect me, but I became a little teary eyed thinking about how much she has put in to this. Her grandfather came in from Illinois and her aunt from Raleigh came as well. We went out to lunch with them and then came back to Wilmington and ate dinner and her grandfather was able to see our house. I know this meant more to Machelle than anyone will probably ever know!

After we went to dinner with them, they headed back to Raleigh and we headed to Topsail for a wedding for Katy and Robert. I went to high school with Katy and they moved down here for Robert’s job about a year and a half ago. We had originally told them that because of Machelle’s graduation, we would not be able to make it to the wedding or reception. I knew how tired Machelle would probably be after a long day of graduating and being on the road, but she toughed it out and we went for a couple of hours to the reception. I am so glad that we were able to go. The majority of the bridal party were my friends from high school as well and it was so nice to see them all dressed up.  They were all absolutely beautiful and I was so glad to see them.  Katy looked amazing and I was so glad that we were able to see her and Robert, if only for a few hours. We started yesterday out at 7am and ended yesterday evening at 12am. Machelle snuck a couple of naps in there while we were in the car, but she was a real trooper yesterday!

As for today, Machelle has spent it getting ready for the week and bringing my sister and I some lunch while we worked on the nursery! We got the nursery primed and I am going to work on cutting in the edges this week so that when we get back from vacation, we can just focus on rolling instead of the detailed work. My sister also helped me wipe down the walls from where the wallpaper was..which is no easy task! I really, really appreciate her help–more than she knows!!

Speaking of vacation, we are going this week to the mountains in North Carolina. It will be the last vacation that we take before the baby is born. I, personally, am really looking forward to sleeping in and just spending time together. We get so caught up in the every day of work and life that sometimes, we forget to take time for each other. I will gladly update you guys with pictures and other info next week! It is wild to think that this will be the last “vacation” that we take before Doodle comes…

Speaking of Doodle, I can totally feel the baby move around all the time now. I personally, think that Machelle looks more beautiful than she ever has before. She just looks like she is glowing. Her hair is thicker, her skin is clear, she just seems happy. It is so weird to feel the baby move from the outside..weird to think that there is another life inside of her.

We went to birthing class this week and the couple that was beside us had just found out that day that they were having a baby boy. This class focused on a lot of things, one of them being that the coach needs to make sure that they know what will make the mom relax during pregnancy and birth–one of them being massage. Our homework is to give each other massages this week–sounds like a plan to me!! Machelle was out of town for the second half of the week at a work conference so that has been a little difficult to complete..but I am sure we will get around to it before Tuesday.

I hope that you guys have a great week and I think it’s time to bring back the questions:

1. Are you feeling nauseous? No–food is fun! And delicious!
2. Are you more tired than normal? Yea, things wear me out faster than they used to–(Mary says that she also can sleep anywhere..used to it would have to be pretty much silent for her to take a nap–yesterday she fell asleep in the car with the radio on loud rap music)
3. Any weird dreams? None that I can remember
4. Can you feel the baby move? All the time, very strong and I can kind of tell now what part of the baby is jabbing or kicking me.
5. What are you most excited about? Vacation and seeing my family–we are going to get to go to my cousin’s graduation at the end of our vacation
6. What are you most nervous about? I hope that I will have enough energy to walk around while we are on vacation and that I will do well in my first MBA class/
7. What is one thing you would like to accomplish this week in order to get ready for Doodle? Order the decals that I wanted online and register for a diaper bag
8. What is one thing that has happened that you didn’t expect? For the baby movements to start hurting. They used to be really sweet and soft and now there is an elbow poking out my belly button!
9. Are you seeing any changes in your body (that you feel comfortable discussing–of course)? Just a bigger belly and a lack of waist any more.
10. What is one thing that Mary can do for you to make your life a little less stressful? Give me massages every day ;-D She is doing everything that I ask..

DSC_0837 DSC_0869DSC_0871

Y’all be good to each other and yourself!


2 thoughts on “21 Weeks, Graduation and a Wedding

  1. Your grandpa was so happy to be there and to see your house. Can hardly wait to see pictures of doodles room. You both look great.
    Love, Great Grandma Mindy

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