Week 24

Its 11 PM on Wednesday night- I only have an hour left before I’m technically 25 weeks!  I (Machelle) am updating the blog again this week, but in Mary’s defense, she’s been a little busy putting together nursery furniture this week- she fell asleep watching “Southern Charm” again tonight.

Our 24 week midwife appointment went pretty well.  Was told I need to do the glucose tolerance test in two weeks (dreading that already).  I also gained a bit of weight.  I’ve been doing really well up until now.  I lost weight at every appointment until 20 weeks.  At 20 weeks I gained a couple of pounds. And between 20 weeks and 24 I gained 5 pounds.  Which doesn’t seem like much, but I’m terrified about gaining too much and causing complications.

We had a really enjoyable Memorial weekend.  Saturday and Sunday we spent the days on the beach.  We finally broke down and bought a huge umbrella we can both sit under.  It makes staying out on the beach so much nicer- neither one of us gets burned!  We opted for the slightly larger umbrella, next summer, there will be a little baby under it with us.  My new favorite summer hobby- knitting at the beach.   I’ve started getting serious about knitting for our little Doodle.  I finished a yellow blanket and I’m about 1/3 of the way finished with a green one.  When I finish the green one I’m going to start on some hats and maybe a gray blanket.  It occurred to me that I should knit one pink and one blue hat…we should take both to the hospital, and have the first pictures taken with the appropriate color….

Sunday night we went downtown with some of Mary’s friends from high school.  Goodness I love seafood in Wilmington.  I could eat crab cakes all day.  Luckily, I wasn’t only pregnant one.  One of Mary’s friends is 12 weeks, and its kind of nice to have someone who is up for getting Kilwin’s ice cream while everyone else is having a beer.

We spent Monday with Mary’s parents in Ocean Isle.  We love that they are so close and we can go have lunch with them any time we want.  We wanted to go personally thank them for the nursery furniture- so we took them a little baby orchid plant.  Mary’s mother (Momma Jane) has 2 or 3 gorgeous large orchids- I marvel at them every time we go to their house.  We happened across the teeny tiny 5 inch baby orchid and gave it to her mom.

We’ve put nearly the whole nursery together.  The dresser, the glider, and the crib.  We spray painted an old bookcase and hung up some nursery art I bought online.  The only thing we haven’t put up yet are the wall decals.  The instructions say that the paint must be on the walls for at least two weeks- so since we just painted the nursery last week we can’t put those on until next weekend.

When we went to see Momma Jane she said she wanted to help us with the furniture so “We would have time to sit in the room and daydream about the baby.”  I didn’t really know what she mean.  I figured it would be nice to just get it ready before I got too large and it got too hot.  But now I know what she is talking about.  I find myself going in, sitting on the glider and thinking, “Yes, this is a good spot for nursing during the night…” or when Mary bent over the crib to attach the mobile I thought, “Mary is bending over the crib- soon she’ll be picking up a baby from it…Will our baby like the the little musical elephant mobile?”  We only have three children’s books in the book case right now- but I hope soon to see a toddler waddling over to the bookcase, picking one out of many and waddling it over to me in the glider begging me to read it.  Mary and I will soon be filling up the closet with those little baby clothes hangers and folding little socks to put in the dresser.  I can see Mary now laying out the “Tummy Time” mat and getting down there with the baby to explore mirrors and fabric that crinkles.

Uggggh….sigh.  I know September will be here before I know it….but it still seems so far away right now.

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