25 Weeks! and little bit of 26

Ok..so I have been slacking as far as the blog goes..considering we hit 26 weeks today, I thought that I would update you all with a 25-26 week update and then I could be caught up!

So much has happened since I have blogged last. The weeks seem to fly by but the days seem to crawl. My dad always said that the older you get, life is more like the end of a toilet paper roll…the closer to the end you get the faster it goes! (By no means am I near my end I hope!!, just thought that was funny!)

We have gotten the nursery almost completely finished and I know that some people have told Machelle that that seems a little early..but my thoughts are, what’s the harm in being done this early? Then as we get things, they can have a place and not just be stuffed in a corner somewhere while we complete the nursery.  I am so ready to see Doodle. I am nervous as hell about the birth and I am just going to be a bystander (well I think the Bradley method refers to me as a “Coach”) but I am not going to be the one who is actually pushing. I like to have a plan for certain things in my life and this would be one of them..but it just doesn’t seem like we will physically be able to plan for every detail…and from everything I hear, it doesn’t matter how much you plan, things go their own way.

There are certain things that we have discussed that I am thinking will remain the same. Like who we want in the delivery room..Please keep in mind that all of this comes with a disclosure of “What works for us, may not have or may not work for you..and what worked for you may not work for us.” We have talked about who/if anyone we want in the delivery room and we decided that we think it would be best if it were just us. After the baby is born, and things have calmed down for an hour or so, they prepare to move you to a post partum room and this was when we were thinking that we would let immediate family in to see the baby. As long as the baby and mom are healthy, you do not typically stay in the hospital for more than 24 hours. We have decided that we would much rather have people visit us at home rather than in the hospital. The time in the hospital needs to be spent trying to gain all the knowledge from the nurses, lactation consultants and nurse midwives that you can while they are at your fingertips.  I don’t mean that to sound cruel or harsh, but its just what we feel like would be best for us at that time. We by no means are trying to keep this baby out of anyone’s lives, we just think that people visiting us after the hospital would be best. Of course, keep in mind that these things may change multiple times throughout the remaining weeks.

We are in the process of making a birthing plan that we will take with us to the hospital when we check in. It is becoming very real that at some point, this baby is going to come out. I am so incredibly ready to see Doodle’s face but I knpw that they still need to cook a little bit longer!

Machelle had her Glucose tolerance test this morning to see if she was at risk for gestational diabetes and the test came back with flying colors. . . So I guess that means she deserves a milkshake or something like that! I am so proud of her for still working out and getting in shape. We went to the gym this afternoon with the workout that her new pregnancy specialist trainer had given her and let metell you, that work out was no joke! I was dripping with sweat when we were done. I am typing on a pretty old laptop that is driving me crazy..I will update more when I get a semi decent computer!

Also I was a little slack on the 25 week picture…so here’s a random snapshotFullSizeRender

See you soon!

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