29 Weeks—-Make it LEGAL YALL!

Well apparently all it takes for us to take a picture and update the blog on time is a SCOTUS decision.  Not going to lie, it was hard for us to focus at work with the constant updating of Facebook and sweet text messages from friends. I (Mary) was in a meeting when I got a text from someone saying that the announcement had been made. I had to hold my composure for a bit but as soon as I was able to get somewhere that it was more appropriate, I cried. I cried, not for me, but for the thousands of couples who have still not been afforded the rights and privileges that they should have been for years.

Gay marriage became legal in NC in October of 2014. This was a day of extreme celebration for my wife and myself. We were elated and thought about how lucky we were to be in a state which now honored our marriage that had taken place 2 years earlier. Often times, Machelle has told me that as we are traveling to another state, she worries about the fact that if something were to happen to me or her while we traveling and we are in a state that does not recognize same sex marriages, they can completely deny us our rights. After Friday, this question is not something that we have to worry about any more.

Also, Doodle will only know us as mothers who are married everywhere..not just in which states have decided to grant lgbt citizens the right to marry.

There have been thousands of people who have done extremely courageous things so that the Supreme Court could even be ready to make this decision on Friday.

Doodle is doing great and getting stronger every day! You can feel kicks, elbows and what I think may be a little butt. If Doodle is like what the ultrasound tech thinks, this little baby has got a tiny hiney but loooong looong legs.

We found a “take home outfit” the other day at the mall that said “Just Hatched” and I felt like that fit perfectly with our blog and theme we’ve got going on here.

I love Machelle and I know that there are parts of this pregnancy that she is loving. She loves to see Doodle swim around in her belly and she loves the playful kicks and jabs. I also know there are a few that she would like to let someone else hold on to for a little bit…like the fact that it is hotter than blue blazes recently and the heat just isnt seeming to taper off. I think that we are both ready to see Doodle and see how doodle will look!  I know we need for Doodle to stay in there, cooking a little bit longer..but we can’t help but want to know what our child will look like!

We took some pictures before going out to celebrate Pride and the Supreme Court Decision on Friday.

We are so lucky and continue to be nothing other than blessed!

DSC_0305 DSC_0312 DSC_0319 11224640_737056068161_3676035316097130543_n

2 thoughts on “29 Weeks—-Make it LEGAL YALL!

  1. There is actually a really cute onsie I have seen that says, hatched by two chics, I think Etsy or Café Press has it. It would be perfect!

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