Late nights 

So here I sit for the past 2 nights staying up way too late for my work schedule, thinking about a bunch of stuff..

I am thinking about the fact that I should probably start a new blog–one that would be more for bloggers eyes only where I wouldn’t have to worry about hurting close friends or family feelings–one where my stream of conscious could be let loose. 

I am thinking about the fact that all you hear as a soon to be parent is the fact that your life will never be the same, things will be harder..nobody talks about the amazing things that will happen. They only ever talk about the negative things. 

I am thinking about the fact that I have come to the realization that I will start having to defend the reason that we are choosing to parent certain ways or do things certain ways that we feel like are in the best interest of our child. In fact, I already have started having to do this. 

I am thinking about the fact that I can’t wait for this child to come in to our lives, even with the sleepless nights, messy house, etc. I mean if it was that bad, people wouldn’t have more than one child.

I am thinking about the fact that I wish I could take the pregnancy from Machelle for even a couple of days, because sometimes she looks like she feels so uncomfortable. She doesn’t complain (a lot) but I can tell this is taking quite the toll on her body..and I wish there was something more than a massage or foot rub that I could do.

I am worried. I am worried about so many things, but so often this worry that is all encompassing one minute is replaced with sheer joy and excitement the next. 

I am happy. I am happy that even though we heard a statistic yesterday that 80% of lesbian couples who have children, end up not being together😳 we have made a commitment to make our relationship work, even through the hard stuff. 

More to come soon–or maybe just another blog. 

5 thoughts on “Late nights 

  1. Don’t believe the hype! 80% really??? Where did that statistic come from. I hate statistics. What is meant to be will be. You just work hard to keep your relationship an enjoyable one! Good luck!

  2. 80%?!? Wow that is shocking to me…and sad. I feel you on many of these worries. I guess it comes with being a parent.

  3. Being a parent is the most amazing thing I’ve ever been through, from the pregnancy to seeing my oldest walk across the college stage. There is nothing better. Every child/ family has issues but the great things about them are they come in stages and those change about every six months! In fact just when you think you’ve figured them out, they change. Every stage in my children’s lives I’ve felt that “it” couldn’t get better. And then it does!!! You are about to experience the most amazing ride of your lives. Enjoy it! The highs will totally outweigh the lows. The sleepless nights, tough decisions, constant worry are all part of it but not the focus. Your child will be and everything else will fade in significance.

  4. I love being a mom. So far every month has been better than the last. It doesn’t mean it’s easy, but I think too many people equate easy with good. It’s going to be amazing, there is no way to put it in to words adequately.

    As for the justifications, I have begun to say ‘this is the way we have decided to do it’ and ignore the snark or side eyes. It has been a weight off.

    I also hear you on the more anonymous blog. I’ve considered starting one as well due to some difficult family dynamics.

  5. Being a parent, grandparent and soon a great grandparent is the most wonderful experience. I have and still enjoy every moment. Can’t imagine my life without all of it. You two will be great parents. I learnt to ignore the negative and live each wonderful adventure. Bless you both. Can hardly wait for PawPaw and I to visit you all.

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