33 week update!!!

Hey All–

Once again on the verge of not getting this weekly report out out before my week date switched, here we are on the verge of week 34.

Week 33 was spent trying to pack more things in to a hospital bag for the baby and also for us! We have some things that are a definite must–but some things we know we will probably never use and can maybe set aside as maybies.

We know that we need clothing, bathing suits and underwear. We also know that we need toiletries–they will be pretty basic, but since i work at the hospital we will be delivering in, I know that sometimes toiletries that you have from home can create a sense of comfort.

Machelle really wants the birthing room to be very quiet and as peaceful as can be. Any ideas for peaceful, relaxing, singer/songwriter music would be greatly appreciated!

This weekend Machelle washed all of the baby clothes and diapers and burp clothes and swaddles and onesies and put them in “Doodle’s Bag”

We installed the car seat are ready to go!! we are just waiting on the baby,

We are so so so very fortunate that I work in a place where they wanted to throw us a shower. Machelle’s work place is also throwing her a shower towards the end of August.  One of the practices that she works with (who she only has contact with once or twice a month) wanted to throw a shower and I thought that was so sweet.

We are very lucky to have so many people who support us in so many ways.

Today, I went and saw my parents for a little bit. They are always the people that I go to when I need to weigh out the pros and cons of a situation. I won’t go in to the details about the situation but it pretty much boils down to guts–do I have the guts to do something that I am contemplating. My mom looked and me and said “Of course you have guts, you married a woman and now you guys are bringing a baby in to this world.”  She said that she doesn’t think she would have had the courage to do something like that.  To me, that is not courage, that is standing up in what you believe is right and living your life that way.

My parents are always the people who can tell me if I am making a knee jerk reaction to something or even if it sounds too good to be true. I trust their judgement very well.  I also trust my sister and Machelle’s judgement just as much! Each person’s perspective is a little different but it makes me understand that I would not be doing this alone.

We will see–there may be more to come about this at a later date!

How’s Machelle feeling: Like a turtle on its back trying to get up and the heartburn has officially kicked in. Maybe Doodle will have a whole head of hair when they come out.

Machelle is still working out 2 times a week and is doing fantastic!

We go back to the midwife appointment tomorrow and then we will go back again in 2 more weeks.

We really need to get the birth plan to them so that they can review it and have some sort of knowledge about how we would like for our birth to happen. I know that this is not always the case and sometimes things go hay-wire,

I am trying to get rid of some of the daily activities that can be passed off to someone else because when Doodle comes, I won’t be there to get this information out to the correct people!

I just can’t wait for this baby..i can’t wait…I can’t Wait…and judging from this picture, I am not sure if we will have to wait until September 9th.

More to come later!


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