First Glimpse of Our Maternity Shoot

I (Machelle) was worried about it raining yesterday during our maternity photo shoot.  We were able to find someone last minute because Doodle’s Godmother who originally was going to take our photos (The same person who did an amazing job with our engagement photos <gasp> 4 1/2 years ago) had a family emergency and was unable to come.  (Yes, for the record, Mary and I believe that caring for all family members, including the 4 legged variety constitutes a family emergency…)

Speaking of four legged family members, the photographer yesterday, Bee, actually used to be Sophie’s (our white dog’s) foster mom- yikes, and that was almost 6 years ago… it was an “open adoption” so we’ve kept in touch.  Bee and her boyfriend started Happy 8 Photography- and we thought, “Why don’t we just ask them?”  So glad we did.

So anywho, Mary and I wanted something beachy-casual, cause that’s just how we are.  I did a little research online and wanted to include a pier.  So, Kure beach is right down Carolina Beach road from our house and we met Bee and her boyfriend there.  They took well over 1000+ in about an hour.  The weather was amazingly cooperative, despite the wind (which just comes with beach photography).  There were a lot of people on the beach, and at first I was a little self-conscious.  People were breaking their necks to see what we were doing!  You could tell they were confused- “uhhh….two women…so how did that bump happen?!?!”

So we’ve been told that this is the “first round” of photos, with more to come.  I am particularly looking forward to the “bare belly” picture.  I thought about it a long time in my head- trying to decide if I wanted to bare the belly.  I decided that I did.  Its a miracle we got pregnant- no seriously- a miracle.  Most people who have had 2 surgeries to correct endometriosis and adhesions don’t conceive without more medications and interventions.  I’m not sure if it was a fluke and if I’ll ever be able to carry again.

Most of the time you see those cute bare bellies on a little petite girl- but I decided I wanted one of me- exactly as I am- plus size and all.  This may never happen again, and I don’t want to regret not getting a picture of it.  I want to be able to show little Doodle one day that “Yes, moms’ aren’t super models- but we sure were excited to find out you were coming. You were in my belly but your other mother was there- see how how happy we both were?  See how big mommy’s tummy was?  See how mommary used to rub my belly?  She loved talking to you and kissing you.”

I haven’t seen the “bare belly” one yet- but if its good (and my underwear isn’t hanging out) I’ll post it.

Here is the first round, I’ll post more as we get them.  If you’re in the Wilmington area, you should check out Happy 8 Photography.

WW6 H8 MM3 H8 MM7 H8  MM8 H8 MM10 H8 MM15 H8 MM16 H8 MM12 H8 MM13 H8MM9 H8 MM4 H8
Update:  The Bare Belly Pics  


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