35 Weeks & a 30th Birthday

I (Machelle) decided to give Mary a break from updating the blog again this week.  She had been doing so much around the house- I think we both are entering full-blown nesting mode.  She is capable of doing so much more than I.  I get so short of breath, can’t carry things, my feet start hurting, I can’t bend over…so doing the most basic things like taking a basket of laundry down the stairs or helping organize cabinets or doing yard work is just impossible right now.  I’m trying to just “embrace” it…I’m supposed to just lay down and let her take care of me, right?  Well, I have guilt about this.  Because its not fair that she works all day and comes home to clean, cook, does the laundry, does the shopping, cleans out the fridge, fold everything, etc.- Meanwhile, what am I supposed to do- sit upstairs do homework, watch TV and knit?  I don’t like feeling like I’m not contributing enough.  So I ask for help taking the laundry downstairs but insist upon putting in the the washer.  Although- last week on two occasions I fell asleep before the dryer was done and I woke up to find clothes folded and hung up for me.

Any who- I’m starting to understand why people don’t like being pregnant.  I was in “la la land”, thinking pregnancy was great between weeks 10-34.  24 weeks of an awesome pregnancy where I felt great 90% of the time, no complications, stayed active, ate well, etc.  Everything was puppies and flowers, rainbows and sunshine.  I wanted to be pregnant forever because it was awesome!

35 weeks = shit got real.  I can tell I’ve had a mind shift.  My back hurts, my feet swell, my boobs leak, heartburn is intense and I can’t eat much without feeling like its about to come up.  That BS about how your baby’s movements will slow down?  LIES.  Baby just gets bigger and stronger!   Doodle kicks the crap out of me sometimes, makes me yelp or hold my breath. While I still crave fruit- I’m starting to crave milkshakes and milk like crazy.  Also wanting sodas. My calcium intake is good- with the new heartburn I take tums a couple of times a day and I take a calcium supplement at night.

I used to see huge pregnant women at target and didn’t understand why they look so miserable and tearful.  I mean, I was pregnant and I felt great!  Why don’t they feel great?  Oh wow, I am so sorry for ever passing judgement.  Sister, I get it, your shoulders hurt from laying on your side, your abdomen hurts from trying to launch yourself out of bed.  You belly itches as the skin thins out and there is so much pressure on your pelvis.  I’d keep going on- but you probably need to go pee.

Also, this week was my birthday.  Not just any birthday, my 30th.  There goes my youth.  Mary treated me to an extra special birthday weekend.  I came home to find a from-scratch pound cake, we went out to eat for steak and lobster, and then to see a play.   I woke up on Saturday and she made me a pancake breakfast.  We also went out to an Indian place with our dinner group and grabbed some ice cream afterwards.  We see the midwives on Tuesday- they’re probably going to get on to me about weight gain.

We ordered some canvas prints, Mary found a Groupon coupon for 4.  We printed one of our engagement pictures, our wedding day in DC and one of the maternity.  The 4th one will be a picture of us holding Doodle.  We also fund some cute onesies downtown at a local store, Edge of Urge.  We really don’t need anything- just saw these in the window and wanted to buy them.  We don’t have anything else to do- so we find ourselves just organizing and cleaning to pass the time.  Is there really a need to organize the spoons and the baby bullet?  Baby won’t even need any food for at least 6 or 7 months. Well, it help makes another day go by.

Literally everything is ready for Doodle.  We have everything and it is washed and ready to go.  There isn’t anything else to do- everything has been packed and planned for.  We are just counting the days.  5 weeks seems so close, but so far away…

11822653_10101269637558356_6463257945976236755_n 11224580_743804454341_9175769229481635914_n DSC_0664

2 thoughts on “35 Weeks & a 30th Birthday

  1. Happy birthday! I think the end of pregnancy is miserable on purpose, it makes the transition easier! Seriously, I got more sleep the first month post partum than the last month of my pregnancy. 🙂 5 weeks!

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