38 weeks and I guess it’s Mary’s turn again…

Hey All!!

So it has been a while since I(Mary) have updated so I guess that it is time for me to give my perspective of how things have been going for the past month or so.

We have stopped being so busy and have been just preparing for this little baby to meet us! I can’t even explain how excited I am on a daily basis. It is all I think about–and getting to be all I dream about as well!  I think knowing that the baby could be here any day is causing us to just wait on pins and needles. We know, we know..most first time moms do not go in to labor before 41 weeks..but some do you know. No matter what, Doodle will be here in a month–tops.

Machelle said today that as of tomorrow (Sunday) she can start saying that she is due next week–because it will be the start of the new week. That’s so exciting and so crazy at the same time.

We went to the midwife appointment on Friday and met the new midwife who will start delivering in September. She is extremely nice and tiny..she’s maybe all of 5’2. We are on a weekly schedule of seeing the midwives now. We aren’t doing cervical checks–because for us, it doesn’t really matter–and it’s not something that midwives push for like OB/GYNs do. I think they said they would do one at 41 weeks if there was no progress. Ann, the midwife, told us that the head is not “engaged” yet..but that can happen at any time and happen quickly. The baby’s head is definitely pointing in the right direction–which is good! Machelle’s blood pressure is great–better than most people’s when they aren’t pregnant. She has gained some weight–but as an overall weight gain for her pregnancy she is doing fantastic! When you press on her tummy, it is all baby.

I spent this afternoon mowing the yard and cleaning up the outside of the house. I felt like an idiot because I realized that I have had the wheels set way too low on the lawnmower since I have gotten it 3 years ago. I didn’t realize how my more difficult it had been to mow the grass until I fixed it. I also now realize that I was actually mowing the grass way too short and it looked like crap! Oh well–the back yard now looks fabulous!

I am trying to make sure that I don’t start something big at work because I have no idea when I will actually be going out. I am just trying to tie up loose ends and keep trucking along.

We have started watching Grey’s Anatomy from the very beginning and I forgot how much I love this show! It’s so weird to see all of these characters as they began..knowing half of them die.

Machelle is doing pretty well! She has had some rough days, but it has been really good. She has had some contractions but they are pretty irregular at this time and she says they are much stronger and feel different than braxton hicks contractions. You can still feel Doodle kick and punch like crazy. Machelle says that Doodle’s movements have not slowed down.

We bought 2 little onesies today that are Thanksgiving themed–holidays are about to get a lot more crazy around here! I am so looking forward to them..and I know that they will be so much fun with a little one! We get to make traditions with this child.  There are so many things that you have to do as a parent..so many things that you have to teach your child..the possibilities are endless.

Sometimes I get a little worried that I won’t have people to relate to because I am a mom, but I am not the birth mom. I don’t really fit the description of dad–missing a few key parts..so I feel like I am kind of in the middle of two groups and don’t really have an area to fit in to. I guess that means that I get to make my own?

On another side note–I think we decided to change the names that we have had picked out for the past 6 months. I think we found 2 more that we might like better…we shall see..those are still top secret!

Anyway–we are just waiting on you Doodle..come on sweet baby–we can’t wait to meet you.

We love you little one..more than we can possibly imagine!

Y’all have a good week!DSC_0802

2 thoughts on “38 weeks and I guess it’s Mary’s turn again…

  1. Exciting, you guys are so close now!

    I also worry about feeling like I don’t quite fit with gestational moms, or the dads. Several people have said ‘well, it’s kind of like you’re the dad’, and I have emphatically disagreed; nothing wrong with being a dad, but I definitely identify as a mom – just not a carrying mom. Good to have the Internet to connect with other folks in similar situations!

    I can also say, that in the less-than-24 hours that I’ve been a mom, that my concerns about feeling like the odd-mom-out are dwarfed by the overwhelming love and ‘mom-ness’ I feel. I think it will still be challenging, but not as much so as I thought.

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