39 weeks…and LABOR day

No–Machelle is not in Labor..but boy (or girl) are we wishing that she would be. There is not a lot to blog about this week–except for the fact that we are still waiting! We did go out to dinner a couple of times and did just about everything we could to try to get Doodle to come out.

Machelle and I walked 5 miles on Saturday, ate spicy food, tried to boom the baby out with fireworks…and other things too! We are trying so hard to relax and enjoy this time as a family of two but we have made it to the point of not being very patient any more. If I hear one more person tell me that my life is getting ready to change–I may lose it! I know–and I don’t know at the exact same time.

We don’t know what we don’t know…but we look forward to learning it together!

We are both getting really excited about seeing Machelle’s Grandfather and Grandma! They are coming for a long weekend in October and staying with us.

Machelle is working on finishing a knitted gray baby blanket that will match the gray and pink (or gray and blue) hat that we will put on the baby in the hospital! Maybe that is what Doodle is waiting on..

Last night she washed all of the baby blankets that we have gotten–this child will never be cold–and we also washed a ton of onesies–they just get cuter the more you fold them. I can’t wait for Doodle to wear them!! Ohhh I just cant wait to kiss on this baby’s head and cheeks and nose!

I don’t have much more to say this week–we go back to the midwife on Wednesday–if we aren’t in labor yet.

Keep your fingers crossed for a baby this week!


One thought on “39 weeks…and LABOR day

  1. Know you both are very anxious as we are to see your bundle of joy. Life only will be better with a little one to give your love to. We are so ready to come and visit and see all three of you. Love you all

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