If One More Person Asks Me…

I should probably preface this with I am sorry in advance–and I appreciate all of the care and concern and wonder that people have for Machelle and myself..but if one more person that I see on a daily basis asks me if we have had the baby yet, I can not be held responsible for my actions.

Ask me anything else–ask me if I slept well last night, ask me if there is any movement or progress, ask me what I ate for dinner last night or ask me what color my underwear is. I will be more than happy to share..but please, please don’t ask if we have had the baby yet–if we did, you would know and all it really does is remind me that we haven’t had the baby yet–and I’d really like to continue with my daily activities while trying to not think about the life changing event that could happen, basically, at any moment. Ok rant over..

Today marks 40 weeks–40 weeks of Machelle being pregnant and to be honest, I never thought that we would see this day. I never thought that we would get pregnant the first try, I never thought that Doodle would stay inside until this day–but I am so incredibly thankful that Doodle did. I am so freaking excited to know if Doodle is a boy or girl that I just can’t contain it any more. It’s all I want to talk about and all I want to think about…but I just can’t yet. I still have to go to work and still have things that I need to do around the house. Soon, Doodle will be the only thing that I have to focus on and that will be great! Well Doodle and making sure that I feed myself (and Machelle) and shower occasionally.

I have tried so hard to remain optimistic throughout the pregnancy and I think that Machelle will vouch for me that I have done a lot better than I used to! I have so much to remain optimistic about–everything about this pregnancy has been amazing (disclaimer: this is from the person who is not pregnant). Machelle has been pretty much a text book pregnancy. Everything on the “Bump” app has been almost down to the exact day as far as symptoms go–so here’s to hoping that Doodle will come soon!

On a side note there is a little event that I am hoping that Doodle will hold off until it is over–although if Doodle doesn’t, it is totally fine too. There is a special person that I met about 2 1/2 years ago that is getting married this weekend. Her name is Lori and she is one of the strongest, sweetest women that I know. We work together and she is about the age of my parents. When I met her, she had just uprooted her life and moved from Goldsboro to come to Wilmington and we bonded pretty instantly. She is, by far, the most accepting, level headed, loving person that anyone could ask to be friends with. I call her my “work Mom” and she is one of the people that is so excited about Doodle! The people that you spend your work day with can make or break how you feel about a job and she is definitely one of the people that I look forward to working with on a daily basis..anyone that knows her, would agree. In fact, I am extremely lucky to work with the people that I work with–it is so much more like a family than coworkers–we truly care about each other and our happiness. On that note, she is marrying the love of her life this Saturday and I am hoping that Doodle will hold off until after at least the ceremony. If Doodle doesn’t I know that she will understand…on that note, I probably need to figure out what I am going to wear to the wedding–because honestly I thought that we wouldn’t be going. Lori and Bill are so lucky to have re-connected and found each other so that they can spend the rest of their lives together. I don’t know that I have ever met a couple who love each other the way that they do–except for my parents.

Machelle is doing great..she is over being pregnant..but she is still doing great. She is holding strong and still going to the gym twice a week–it is a struggle for me to go to the gym twice a week–and I don’t have a 6-10 pound baby pressing on everything inside of me! I am so excited to see her in labor–because I know that no matter what, she will be amazing.

Here’s to hoping that we don’t write a 41 week update and it’s just a post of how freaking adorable Doodle is —with pictures! Thanks everyone for your support and kind words–we really do appreciate it–even if I threatened to punch you in the face earlier!

Doodle–if you are going to make us hang on a little bit longer, just go ahead and wait until Saturday evening please–thanks! If not–evacuate the premises–let’s get this party started!


3 thoughts on “If One More Person Asks Me…

  1. I’m so excited for you guys! That last week is hard, especially not knowing whether it is actually the last week. I also got really tired of people asking whether the baby had been born (one time, I was grubbing thistles, and a neighbour asked me if the baby had come – and I thought, really, if the baby had been born since I saw this person the day before, would I really be out grubbing thistles? Sheesh). I think people just don’t know what else to say to convey their excitement, but when the same question gets asked many times a day, drawing attention to what you are trying very hard to be patient about, it is hard.
    I’m looking forward to finding out if doodle is a boy or girl 😉 You guys must be much more patient then we are, I wanted to not find out at first but then just had to know.
    Best of luck in the upcoming weeks, and wishing Doodle a safe and smooth arrival!

  2. This is so, so familiar. Soon Doodle will be in your arms and the rest of the world will fade away for a bit. I hope this is your last weekly update, and that labor and birth go smoothly.

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