2 Months of Bliss

Yep– I (Mary) am going to be that Mom.

I am going to be the one that talks about how wonderful everything is and make you wonder why your baby isn’t as perfect as mine.

Emerson Jane turns 2 months old today and I love her more than I did the day that she was born.

When I have to go to work in the mornings, it still stings–but it is getting a little easier. I know that she is at home with Machelle and that they are having a blast. Machelle is the best mom that I have ever been around. She is so incredibly loving and I fall in love with her a little more every day too.

Emerson loves baths (except for the one she had last night). She loves her other Mom’s new baby carrier and she loves going places. She loves to ride in the car and is generally a happy baby. She also loves to watch the Carolina Panthers. The Panthers are 8-0 going for 9-0 this afternoon against the Titans. I know kids are not supposed to have screen time before the age of 2–but spare me the lecture please–I do not care. Her sneezes are adorable–hell, even her poops are adorable.

Even when she is not happy, she is still perfect. She is starting to smile, babble, coo, and interact more with the environment around her.

Machelle’s aunt came to visit us this weekend and we were so happy to see her! She lives in Virginia and were so thankful that she was able to take time and come meet Emerson!

We were walking downtown this afternoon/morning and we stopped on a bench so that Machelle could breastfeed. The sun was shining, it was gorgeous and I couldn’t help but notice the incredibly peaceful and beautiful moment that was taking place between Emerson and Machelle. They were both so relaxed and so one with each other–it was wonderful. It still amazes me that Emmie can be completed sustained on the milk that Machelle’s body provides.

Between the breast feeding and the cloth diapers, I told Machelle this morning that EJs ecological footprint is pretty much non existent. I am not huge in to ecological footprints–but its pretty neat to think about.  Machelle takes EJ to an outing almost every single day–between play groups and baby yoga–and she is just wonderful. I hear other Moms say that they are cautious of when they take their baby out because they are sleeping–that has never stopped us. If she is sleeping, she comes along just like she would if she were awake.

While Machelle’s aunt was down, we watched the videos of when EJ was just born in the hospital and although it has only been 2 months, the videos still make me tear up. We talked to Machelle’s aunt about feeling like we were waiting for the bottom to fall out because everything just seems too perfect. She basically told us to stop doing that and focus on what is going well right now–I appreciated hearing that. She also told us that Machelle’s other aunt had told her that Machelle and I were 2 of the best parents that she had seen in a while. I am not sure if she will ever know how much that meant to me. When people tell me I am a good parent, it is the most rewarding compliment that I could ever receive.

Emerson’s 2 month appointment is tomorrow–so that means shot time 😦 I know that Machelle will be fine because she used to work in a Pediatrician office and is accustomed to what will happen–but I am a little nervous.

After her appointment, we go to the daycare that EJ will be going to in December. We will be able to ask the questions that we may not have known that we had when we toured about 6 months ago. I guess we will need to make sure that we ask the correct questions, but I am not that worried about her going to daycare. I know that this place will be taking excellent care of her–it just won’t be at home.

I don’t have too much else to say this afternoon–because I would rather be staring at my perfect daughter.

Oh–I think that I can see a date night on the horizon–stay tuned for that :-D..

I’ll just leave these pictures right here…
DSC_0177 DSC_0190 DSC_0222 DSC_0227 DSC_0235

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