To Our Second Child…

Good news. You’re about to be born into a loving family. Bonus: you get 2 moms and a sassy big sister. You’re the first boy in the house- besides Pirate, our geriatric rescue dog.

Look kid. As the 2nd child- you’re gonna miss out on some things. I’m due in less than a month and haven’t done a baby book. Your ultrasound pictures are crammed into my desk at work or in my glove box. We are totally just reusing your sisters gender neutral nursery and not making another one for you. You’ll also be getting a lot of her clothes or hand me downs from friends. I didn’t take weekly bump pictures with weekly blog updates. I forgot to take my prenatal vitamin A LOT. I drank a tons of coffee and Dr. Pepper while pregnant with you. I ate sushi and cold lunch meat at least once a week. I also stopped giving a crap about my weight gain and didn’t work out nearly as much while pregnant with you.

But. There is good news. All of that stuff above I just mentioned? It doesn’t matter. Seriously.

I’ve got some good news for you though kid. You are way luckier than your big sister- and here’s why:

Your moms know what the hell they’re doing.

I’ve gotten you an awesome nursing pillow. I seriously scored us a free $100 kick ass nursing pillow today. You’re gonna be so comfy while cluster feeding. And I won’t be concerned about you cluster feeding- because I know it’s normal. I actually know a lot about breastfeeding. Get ready son- tons o’milk coming your way. My boobs make the good stuff- that fatten you buttermilk that will have you back to birth weight by 10 days.

I know that it’s safe to cosleep following the safe sleep 7 guidelines and nurse all night long. You’re welcome. Feel free to cuddle up to the boob and nurse away. I’ll be sleeping topless so help yourself. I’m not gonna care if you only sleep in 2 hour increments at 6 months old. I know that’s normal. And I know that frequent night nursing will help maintain my supply. And I know that it won’t last forever.

I’m a pro at babywearing. You’ve got tons of slings, wraps, and a beautiful new wrap conversion Tula free to grow waiting on you. You will probably never be put down or have to learn how to walk. You’ll be nice warm and comfy, and feel free to demand milkies while in the carrier. Also- I have tons of nursing clothes and feel confident nursing in public. So guess what? You get milk anytime, anywhere. Your sister had to nurse in the bathroom at AC Moore once…but now I have 0 problem shopping/walking around while nursing in a carrier.

I didn’t waste money on a stroller. I’ll know that the days are long but the years are short- so I’ll cherish our late night nursing sessions. I won’t put you in ridiculous outfits. I also won’t give you unnecessary frequent baths.

I probably won’t encourage gross motor skills because mobile babies are over rated. I also won’t worry when you don’t start solids until 10 months old.

I can promise a large amount of bow ties. Because lesbians love little bow ties on baby boys. We also already belong to an awesome village of moms. We have so much support. I know I could call close friends who would help me right away if our family needed it. You’re also already guaranteed a spot at a phenomenal childcare center- with the same sweet ladies who took care of your sister. They already know about cloth diapers and paced bottle feeding for breastfed babies.

So look. I forgot vitamins and enjoyed a lot of caffeine. But it will even out because you’re going to have really confident moms and a village who can’t wait to meet you. And that is way more meaningful and beneficial than spending hours making a baby book.

Try to stay put til April, kay?


2 thoughts on “To Our Second Child…

  1. I have scrolled back pretty far and binge read so many posts. I LOVE your blog. I love the honesty and how real you both are. It makes me wish I knew y’all in real life.
    By the way, this is my favorite so far. Kudos to you. 😘

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