The 17%

In another Saturday edition of the Machelle is still nesting saga…

I have begun to unpack the breast pump box. I was the 17% who worked full time and exclusively breastfed our daughter to past a year.

Our breastfeeding journey ended abruptly when I became pregnant with a baby we lost.

So I it’s all sort of bittersweet.

Occasionally I hear people say things like, “companies try to sell you things you don’t really need if you plan to breastfeed…all you need is your baby and your boobs…”

And that’s probably true….if your plan is to stay at home. If you plan to go back to work- you actually will need quite a lot of things. Ice packs, coolers, pump bags, milk bags, hand pumps, bottles, labels, breast pads, nursing covers to pump while driving, duck bills/valves/membranes, extra tubing, extra flanges, wet bags, bottle brushes, slow flow nipples, car adapters….just to name a few.

But I’m determined to give our son the best nutrition again. So I’m sorting through the flanges, the tubing, duckbills, valves, backflow protectors, bottles, the Spectra to medela adapters, the hand pumps….and it’s bringing back all of the memories of eating oatmeal in my office while watching the spraying. Making sure my phone speaker was on mute during conference call pumping sessions. Occasionally watching Netflix/Orange is the new Black while pumping. Making hands free pumping bras, etc.

Breast milk is only free if you think all of the time moms put into their nursing journey is worthless. And if you don’t include the cost of the supplies they need to make breastfeeding work while away from their baby.

Hoping these supplies still have some more good juju in them.

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