Thankful for Midwives

I just have to brag about the midwives. I remember right after we got pregnant with EJ I told Mary I wanted to switch from Wilmington Health to the midwives. She was slightly worried about it being too “crunchy”. I assured here these were qualified professionals. “Like nurse practitioners for baby catching…”

People seem to think that if you see a nurse midwife you are seeing some sort of witch doctor or something. But these licensed medical professional have bachelor degrees, master degrees, have to take boards, and can prescribe, diagnose- and yes they are supportive of epidurals (everyone thinks they can’t “do that” 🤷‍♀️)

They offer such personalized care. This weekend I got a particularly rough bout of mastitis and yeast. The midwife on call called me back right away and prescribed medication to a 24 hour pharmacy. Avoiding an ER visit. When that antibiotic didn’t work- they saw me right away Monday morning.

Y’all. The midwife. One of the first things she said to me was … “I stopped by to see Heather Renye… (a well known IBCLC at the hospital) on the way here.”

How many medical professionals do you know check with an IBCLC before changing the treatment plan? Seriously?!?! All I hear from moms frequently is that their providers don’t consider their breastfeeding goals before deciding how to treat an issue. I hit the jackpot.


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