Hot Mess Mornings


I’m a hot mess in the mornings trying to leave the house- even without kids. Back at peer counseling tomorrow and I’m one of those people who has to pack their (pump) bag before bed because they always oversleep and always forget something if they don’t. Snacks. “Good” Pens. Chapstick. APNO. Name tag. All the essentials.

Yesterday, while at an NCBC meeting I was given a little “NCBC Milk Fairy” pin for the advocacy I do in the community. It meant so much to me. Peer counseling and PCBP work is volunteer- but still a passion. I love serving moms in the community and helping them find their village and support.

But as of this morning- I accepted a very very part time / work from home position (just a couple hours a week) as secretary for the North Carolina Breastfeeding Coalition. Which means- I’m officially getting PAID to do something related to breastfeeding. 😳

I’m still helping out with my previous job at Coastal Horizons in a consultant capacity- which is also meaningful.

What I’ve learned the last few weeks is that it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. There is a gray area available if you can think outside the box. EJ still gets to go to school 2 days a week to see the friends she’s had since she was 12 weeks old. I still get to stay home. I work after they go to sleep and during naps. I can use my brain and experience to fulfill my personal desire to keep my “toes in the workforce”- while still taking the kids to story time at the library, trips to the aquarium, play dates at the park or children’s meuseum.

New territory for our family. But my heart is so full. Being with our children more. Being able to do more around the house while Mary kicks ass at grad school. Being a part of breastfeeding advocacy at the state level. And helping the underserved get healthcare here at home.


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