Yes, I Overshare on Social Media- and here’s why:


  • Look- my kid is potty training!
  • My baby is getting so big!
  • I’m going on a date with my wife!
  • My dog is so cute!

Yeah- I post all that.

No, its not because I’m self absorbed.

If I’m being honest- its actually quite purposeful.

For many of the people in my “momma village”- I’m often the first and only LGBT parent they know.

They may have a gay cousin.  Work with a lesbian.  Maybe even have a neighbor with a gay kid.

But same sex couples with kids…while numbers are increasing there are still only a few in our city.

And why do I bring all this up?

I hate to get political- but the truth is that same sex marriage really only recently became legal nationwide- I was still pregnant with EJ when it did.

And the fact that the highest court in our country, may soon be shifted very far right- frankly, is terrifying.

And so yes, I overshare.  Because I know our life is actually quite boring.  We aren’t doing anything spectacular here.  We aren’t going on amazing vacations.  We don’t have fancy cars or a gorgeously designed HGTV home.

We live in an average neighborhood.  With average cars.  With average jobs.  And we have two kids.

And I share how normal we are all the time- because its a lot harder to hate something so familiar.  There are still people who think we shouldn’t be married.  That we are doing great damage to our kids by denying them a “normal family” with “a mother AND a father”

But once you get to know someone of a marginalized group- you learn they have more in common with you than not.  That we really aren’t that different.  And that our family, is just as normal as yours- and we still need it protected.

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