First Encounter With Worms

Today was a day…

The 6 month doctors appointment went well.

Came home and went to check on the birds. Found a roundworm in a dropping while cleaning. After panicking I got some good advice- turns out it’s pretty common in chickens and easy to treat. Ran to a local feed/farmer supply store and got what I needed to treat the whole flock. Spent all of naptime cleaning the coop, fresh bedding, mixing deworming medication in the water and feed, etc.

While cleaning one of my “hens” started crowing. Fuck. Another rooster.

Brewer woke up right as I was finishing and he was in a mood. Screaming for 45 minutes for god only knows why. EJ woke up and had a naptime pee accident in the bed. A rush to wash her bedding.

While trying to make a healthy-ish dinner and keep the kids calm I got an alert on the yard security cameras. Goats got out. Damnit.

So I ran outside in just my socks- luckily they went to visit their friends the chickens in their freshly cleaned coop and seemed happy to see me. I tossed them in the coop to keep them secure while I found some shoes and determined how the got out.

Mary got home and I spent an hour fixing the fencing and chasing chickens who didn’t want to go in for the night.


Thank god I’ve lost almost 100 pounds cause no way would I have enough energy to completely re-do the coops, chase goats and chickens, keep kids alive, make fencing repairs.

After dinner I laid down in bed to watch a show with EJ and was completely unaware the Brewer was drinking from the toilet and got stuck in the bathtub. 🤷‍♀️. Whoops. Thought Mary was watching him.


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