Not Always Rainbows and Sunshine

I had to euthanize my beautiful lavender orpington. I couldn’t let her suffer. I tried my best. It was heartbreaking but needed to be done. It was first time and I made it swift.

But on the bright side, the buff orpington pullet with a bit of vent gleet is doing well. I’ve been soaking her in warm dawn baths, blow drying, and using the antibacterial and antifungal treatments. She’s getting used to her baths and responding well to treatment. I’ve named her “Buffy”. She’s in the goat house in her own hospital coop and doing well.

Squeak, my buff seabright that mysteriously stopped walking is doing well in her hospital coop too. She’s eating and sitting up properly now. Still walking very wobbly but a little improvement everyday.

No more signs of roundworms in the main flock- but as directed I will treat whole flock again for five days next week to make sure any worm eggs that hatched are killed off.

I cleaned the big coops today. Scrubbed all the roosts with warm water and a bristle brush til they looked new. Fresh bedding everywhere. Sprayed birds and coops for mites. I know that people have varying opinions on DE but I’ve elected to sprinkle some in the coop. Made fresh dust baths. Scrubbed all the waterers and added ACV to the fresh water. When they go to roost tonight I’ll probably do a little more spray on them cause a couple were hiding today while I was cleaning. I’ve heard spraying with ACV might help too so I might do that on the spray down tonight.

Instead of adding the grit to the feed I’ve made a separate elevated bowl for it. Perhaps that could help with potential digestion problems. Cleaned all the nesting boxes.

And of course cleaned out the goats accommodations as well, fresh bedding and hay for them.

I know I was discouraged yesterday. But I’m determined to make sure my flock is the healthiest of the healthiest.

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