You’ve Got Eggs!

Okay. So.
Jan. 2nd we found first round worm and started treating same day.
The wormer in the water x5 days – so they finished 5 days on the 6th/7th. It has to be their only source of water for 5 days = coop lockdown.
Repeat in 7 days as directed, which means we start again tomorrow. My big girls are already on lockdown because some of them started laying and I don’t trust them not to hide their eggs in the woods.
But I have some birds that aren’t mature enough to lay- including these two beautiful Ayam Cemani babes I’ve had since they were 4 days old. So before we go on wormer lockdown I let them “free range” a little (I stayed with them in the yard since they are still pretty little.) I promise next week after treatment is all over you guys can have some more supervised room to grow with the big birds ❤️

Another bath, blow out, ointment and genetian violet spritz for Buffy.

Squeak Squeak still holding her own- small improvements every day with her.

5 eggs collected. Day 2 of artificial light started.

While EJ was at school me and my homestead assistant/ side kick Brewer went to Home Depot to get the lumber we will need to build our raised vegetable garden boxes.

We didn’t know the girls would start to lay this morning- so I collected the eggs. But I assured EJ that tomorrow I will let her wear her egg apron and collect eggs with it for the first time.


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