Hope, Faith & Love

When we were in high school, I think we were 16 & 14, our cat had three kittens – then died (car hit her) the next day.  

So my sister and I hand raised the kittens.  Bottle feeding, rubbing their little butts to make them poo (momma cat’s usually stimulate them), holding them to sleep every night.  

Anywho, we named them Hope, Faith & Love (the ugly runt).  

3 weeks ago, while preparing for the tough day that I face every year, the anniversary of my sister’s death- I decided to hatch eggs.  

I can no longer eat my way through the tough feelings- so I knew I needed something to help me prepare for and somehow commemorate her life- and how I still see her every day in our daughter’s eyes.

So- I picked a few eggs I knew were likely fertilized from our flock and got a small incubator.

And on the 11th anniversary of her passing, the three developed eggs hatched.  I got to watch the amazement in our daughter’s eyes as she saw new life.

As they were hatching- I remembered the kittens we raised….and I decided it would be a way we could celebrate her life and the celebrate the three new ones born that night.

So, introducing Hope, Faith & Love…three little bundles of joy we need this time of year.

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