Social Distancing has Brought Me Closer to What Matters

Is it hard as hell most days? Yes.

But this time “apart” has brought me closer to so much more.

Closer to my children. Brewer is so much smarter than we give him credit for. EJ is so emotionally intelligent and a true empath. We are both still working- but we have so much more time to watch and appreciate their strengths. They’re remarkable kids.

Closer to our animals. EJ reminds me to thank the chickens for the eggs they lay us that we can eat and share with friends. We’ve so enjoyed hatching eggs and helping families join the chicken keeper club. Our dog is so patient and loving. Are cats so sweet and funny when they sunbathe in the day.

Closer to the land we live on as we grow our veggie garden.

I value conversations like never before. Last week I took some eggs to my in-laws (Mary’s parents). I sat on their porch 6 feet away and just enjoyed conversation for a couple hours. When was the last time you were just thrilled to sit in the sunshine and just thoroughly enjoy a conversation?

I enjoy watering our plants.

Cleaning up the garden shed.

Playing with the goats and bringing them our table scraps.

Just sitting down watching the kids put together the puzzles.

Watching the kids entertain each other.

Cooking with my wife after kids go to bed.

I actually feel closer to my students I teach. I make sure I go out of my way to create quality and entertaining content to keep them engaged in the “virtual” classroom.

Every night Mary and I sit on the back porch- okay honestly we are having an adult beverage out there too. It’s so nice to just sit out there with her listening to the crickets in our rocking chair on the screened porch. Sometimes she brings the wireless speaker and we listen to music her parents loved.

Sometimes we FaceTime friends. EJ loves to video chat with friends and family.

I find myself telling people-“Just call me if it’s too much to type- I’ll happily talk it over with you…” and I mean it sincerely. Like. I’d love to talk to someone over the phone to help them.

I’m closer to my family.

Our home.

Our food.

My village.

My wife.


Maybe is my recent SSRI dose increase-

Or maybe this is just what we needed.