An old soul.

I think whats been fascinating to me on this LGD training journey- is how quickly they learn things- without me specifically teaching. Sure- I train her to sit. To come. To not chew things that are “Not Yours”. Not to nip at the kids. Walk well on a leash. But this look right here? This intense look of supervision? I didn’t train that.

She’s just 13 weeks. I let her play in the beach water a little bit- then called her to tether nearby so I could have both eyes on my kids in the water (and I didn’t want her getting to wound up around 10 small children running around). This is the look she makes when tethered. I call it her “work” face. She knows- “play time is over. I’m tethered. I’ll sit here and supervise.” I see this look when she’s tethered while the chickens free range. Or while I’m working in the garden and she’s tethered nearby. She doesn’t get angry or hyper focused. Doesn’t bark or whine. She knows. “I’m being asked to sit here and watch. And I will. I’m working now.” She goes from a playful puppy chasing waves to a dog with years of wisdom guarding her charges.

Sometimes it lasts awhile. Sometimes a butterfly goes by and breaks her focus or she wants to dig up some cool sand to lay in. Sometimes a chicken makes a funny sound and I need to correct her quickly to let her know we don’t play with chickens.

But this intense wise face on such a young pup…gives me hope we are doing this right.