Token of Accomplishments

I’ve (thankfully) never needed to be in “in recovery”- but I like the idea of how they pass out “tokens” for milestones. Little bits of accomplishments you can carry around in your pocket.  “2 months sober” type of thing. They should make those for breastfeeding moms.  Like, every time you go to our version ofContinue reading “Token of Accomplishments”

It Doesn’t Matter How You Feed Your Baby…It’s Wrong.

I (Machelle) have determined that if you are a mom feeding your baby in public- you’re doing it wrong. Breastfeeding?  How dare you expose a small portion of your breast in public! There are children!  My husband might see your nipple!  This is a restaurant and I’m trying to eat!   Feeding with a bottle? Continue reading “It Doesn’t Matter How You Feed Your Baby…It’s Wrong.”

Coming Out…of the Crunchy Closet

When I (Machelle) worked at a local pediatrician’s office as an MA, I could spot the “crunchy” moms when they walked in the door.  I didn’t have anything against them but I didn’t always understand them.  My only experience with pediatrics was what I had learned on the job.  They were easy to spot.  They’dContinue reading “Coming Out…of the Crunchy Closet”

Our First Week As Moms

I’ve (Machelle) been throwing ideas around in my head.  I want to write what the labor, birth, and what our first week of motherhood has been like. The thing is…its been wonderful.  Absolutely a fairy tale dream.  But I feel guilty for saying it- because sometimes I’m surrounded by people who had a very differentContinue reading “Our First Week As Moms”

If One More Person Asks Me…

I should probably preface this with I am sorry in advance–and I appreciate all of the care and concern and wonder that people have for Machelle and myself..but if one more person that I see on a daily basis asks me if we have had the baby yet, I can not be held responsible forContinue reading “If One More Person Asks Me…”