Not Always Rainbows and Sunshine

I had to euthanize my beautiful lavender orpington. I couldn’t let her suffer. I tried my best. It was heartbreaking but needed to be done. It was first time and I made it swift. But on the bright side, the buff orpington pullet with a bit of vent gleet is doing well. I’ve been soakingContinue reading “Not Always Rainbows and Sunshine”

First Encounter With Worms

Today was a day… The 6 month doctors appointment went well. Came home and went to check on the birds. Found a roundworm in a dropping while cleaning. After panicking I got some good advice- turns out it’s pretty common in chickens and easy to treat. Ran to a local feed/farmer supply store and gotContinue reading “First Encounter With Worms”

Inclusivity can’t be scheduled. My family isn’t your child’s diversity lesson.

Believe it or not, this isn’t even the first time something like this has happened. And trust me, I know that the request comes from a good place in the heart. But I need you to hear me, you are doing more damage than good.  And it may be hard to see from a positionContinue reading “Inclusivity can’t be scheduled. My family isn’t your child’s diversity lesson.”

What Did You Hear That Influenced Your Bias?

“Black people are a different species…” & Other Things I Heard as a Child I’m still in the process and on a journey of exploring my beliefs regarding privilege, bias, race and inequality in our country. I’ve been thinking a lot recently about how I want to raise my children differently than what I heardContinue reading “What Did You Hear That Influenced Your Bias?”