Inclusivity can’t be scheduled. My family isn’t your child’s diversity lesson.

Believe it or not, this isn’t even the first time something like this has happened. And trust me, I know that the request comes from a good place in the heart. But I need you to hear me, you are doing more damage than good.  And it may be hard to see from a positionContinue reading “Inclusivity can’t be scheduled. My family isn’t your child’s diversity lesson.”

What Did You Hear That Influenced Your Bias?

“Black people are a different species…” & Other Things I Heard as a Child I’m still in the process and on a journey of exploring my beliefs regarding privilege, bias, race and inequality in our country. I’ve been thinking a lot recently about how I want to raise my children differently than what I heardContinue reading “What Did You Hear That Influenced Your Bias?”

Hurricanes, Breastfeeding & The Village

Who knew that one could get such amazing tips and support for natural disaster preparedness at a breastfeeding support group? I almost didn’t go to the La Leche Meeting today- but so glad I did. The meeting was everything I needed today. Some great tips for storm preparation for the breastfeeding family- like what aContinue reading “Hurricanes, Breastfeeding & The Village”

Your Deadbeat Father Isn’t a Sperm Donor

Dear Straight People, Look.  I know you mean well.  I know that this phrase isn’t frequently said maliciously towards us.  You probably didn’t even realize how/why it would be offensive.  So I’m just going to give you my rationale.  Put yourself in our shoes- actually, more like our kid’s. Please stop calling dead beat fathersContinue reading “Your Deadbeat Father Isn’t a Sperm Donor”

Yes, I Overshare on Social Media- and here’s why:

Look- my kid is potty training! My baby is getting so big! I’m going on a date with my wife! My dog is so cute! Yeah- I post all that. No, its not because I’m self absorbed. If I’m being honest- its actually quite purposeful. For many of the people in my “momma village”- I’mContinue reading “Yes, I Overshare on Social Media- and here’s why:”