13 weeks (a little late)

So I (Machelle) am updating the blog this week.  We’ve been very busy this week, Mary had some friends from out of town visiting and then her Grandma Jean (Great Aunt) passed away.  She’s out of town right now for visitation and funeral….and since its technically literally the last day of 13 weeks I figuredContinue reading “13 weeks (a little late)”

Did you ever think you were going to be a great grandpa?

So of all of the people I (Machelle) most wanted to tell we were pregnant- my “Paw Paw” was the one I was most looking forward to.  Last August while on a family vacation with my entire extended family at the beach, I taught him how to FaceTime on his iPhone.  The man is 79.Continue reading “Did you ever think you were going to be a great grandpa?”

Only The Best Parents Get Promoted to Grandparents!

We decided on New Year’s Eve that we would go to see my parents who live about 45 minutes away to let them know that Machelle was pregnant..mainly because we could not hold it from them any more.  We also wanted them to know that we were trying, in case we needed support for other reasonsContinue reading “Only The Best Parents Get Promoted to Grandparents!”

As I sit back and think…

I (Mary) have been given the duties of now updating and maintaining this blog because Machelle has a lot on her plate. She is working full time, in school full time and as of late, working on growing a baby that we will affectionately call Doodle. I am only working full time–so naturally this would fallContinue reading “As I sit back and think…”