Fresh Eggs

*due to seasonal reduced daylight hours and molting, we currently do not have fresh extra eggs regularly. We will post on FB when we have the occasional extra til the Spring of 2021.

Farm fresh butt nuggets from our free range mother cluckers.
Porch pickup, porch drop off available in Leland/Winnabow. Delivery or meet up in Wilmington available.

  • $2 for 1/2 dozen
  • $3.50 for dozen
  • $5 for 18.
  • 50 cent discount if you bring your own carton.
  • NPIP & AI tested and certified flock.
  • Free ranged in our yard.
  • Cruelty free
  • Often fed our leftovers.
  • We have a mixed flock of birds so every carton will have a variety of sizes and colors.
  • Not washed to preserve freshness. Wash just before use.
  • Cash, PayPal or Venmo accepted. All money goes right into a 4 year old’s savings account.