Homestead Tours

About Your Visit:

**Tours to resume March/April of 2022

Thank you for signing up and supporting local.
Below is the info for the donation if your heart feels called to do so. The recommended donation is $10/family- but this is not required. We love sharing our homestead heaven and sustainability education with all families, regardless of their ability to donate.

PayPal: @machelletwilliams
Venmo: @HatchedBy2Chicks

Our address is
9826 Red Fox Run SE
Winnabow NC 28497
3 miles from the Leland exit! 🙂.

We occasionally get asked if families can come visit our small homestead to “get out of the house” but still stay socially distanced.

When you arrive at your designated time, feel free to park in our U shaped driveway. If you don’t see us, feel free to go ahead and come around back- around the left side of the house.

We will have brushes if you’d like to brush some of our goats. Ducks and chicken treats as well.
You are welcome to bring veggie/fruit scraps. The only thing our animals don’t really like are citrus fruits and onions. Everything else they gobble up.

Might be a good idea to wear clothes you don’t care about too much and boots or old shoes.

If there happens to be inclement weather- no worries, we will happily reschedule for you 🙂

A few things:

  1. If you sign up for a slot but need to cancel, please let me know. They always fill up and I usually have a waitlist of people who would love to come. So, if you can’t make it- please let me know so I can offer the time to another family.
  2. You are welcome to bring fruit veggie scraps, including pumpkins- the only thing they don’t like is onion or citrus.
  3. You are welcome to bring a professional photographer or take as many pictures as you like.
  4. You are welcome to reserve a slot for small groups (like a couple of families coming at once.). If you’d like to bring say a homeschool co-op, preschool class, girl scout troop, etc- reach out to me and I’ll work with you to reserve more time for a larger group.
  5. 9AM slots have the opportunity to watch me milk our dairy goat, Alex.
  6. The suggested donation is $10 per family, but this is never required. We love sharing our homestead heaven and sustainability education with all families, regardless of their ability to donate.
  7. There will be an opportunity to buy some of our handmade goatmilk soaps and eggs if we have some available.
  8. We have dairy goats, chickens, ducks, pigs, rabbits, and there are always some chicks running around. All of our animals are raised with a 6 and a 4 year old and are very child friendly. You will have an opportunity to feed the animals, learn about their care, see our 4H spring veggie garden, groom the animals if you wish- or just sit in the grass petting them. Our animals love affection and cuddles.
  9. We are located 3 miles from the Leland exit, though technically its Winnabow. Our address is located in the sign up.
  10. What’s the difference between a homestead and a farm? Homesteads are just used for self-sustainability. We aren’t a commercial farm- we don’t really seek a profit. We just grow our own eggs, meat, veggies and dairy products for our own family. We do occasionally sell any surplus- but our goal is the be sustainable for ourselves, not make a profit selling to the public. Our animals are also our beloved pets and family members. We take pride in knowing our animals have a fantastic happy carefree life. No cages. No dark cramped factory farming settings. Our milk comes from the goat my son plays with. Our eggs come from hens that spend their days free ranging in the woods eating lizards, frogs and worms. Even our meat birds had a fantastic life being handfed worms and free ranging. We believe in kind, humane treatment with love for all of our animals.

I will also have some scratch feed and worms to feed the ducks and chickens. Supervised children are welcome to brush the adult goats. I’ll happily give you a bit of a tour, answer any questions you may have, introduce to some of our most charismatic residents- or if you’d rather- just leave you alone to have some peace and quiet outside as a family enjoying the animals. Whatever you’d like.

We are excited to have you visit our homestead!