Piglets Available

Eloise & Simon’s Litter

Piglets available- Take Home Mid April
Born Feb. 16th
75% Kune Kune 25% Meishan
Winnabow, NC- 10 minutes from downtown Wilmington. 
Mom (Eloise) is pure Kune Kune and daddy (Simon) was 50/50 Meishan Kune cross. 

Simon left us a surprise parting gift before going to freezer camp in December- but I can attest he (and his brother!) are tasty and would happily give you a sample if you’d like to taste before putting down a deposit. 

Both and Simon and Eloise are (well, past tense for Simon, was) the most docile of all the pigs I’ve ever owned- neither ever tested fences and live(d) peacefully with other pigs, goats, chickens (including very s bantams) , turkeys, ducks and LGDs. 

Piglets will be well socialized with the homestead animals and kids. Will be handled frequently- and my 4H youth group will help socialize and care for them. Momma and I have a very trusting relationship and she allows me to come handle them.
Will make excellent feeder pigs on small or large homesteads- very short snout characteristic of being 75% Kune. Both parents extremely docile.

If there is a registered 4H or FFA youth that needs a project pig I will gift you a boarling of your choice. Limit 2 per family. I always pay it forward when it comes to youth- so even if you aren’t participating in an “official” project- if your kiddo is a registered 4H or FFA youth and would like to raise a pig- I will gift you one.

Otherwise they will be $100 each with a $50 deposit. First come, first serve, no holds unless deposit is paid. Deposit is non refundable if you change your mind.

*will trade for your grass fed beef- PM me if you got some beef you wanna trade from a cow you raised 😉

They will be available in 8 weeks after weaning- mid April. We are looking for them to go to their new homes the weekend of 16th.

If you would like a boarling to be a barrow let me know and I can arrange with our livestock vet.

Girl 1 (pink & red ribbon) : Reserved (TH)
Girl 2 (pink & green ribbon) : Reserved (TH)
Girl 3 (pink & orange ribbon): Reserved (AG)
Boy 1 (blue & yellow ribbon) : Reserved (CM)
Boy 2 (blue & orange ribbon) : Available
Boy 3 (blue & green ribbon) : Donated to 4H youth (KS)
Boy 4 (blue & red ribbon) : Reserved (TH)
Boy 5 (blue & white ribbon): Reserved (CM)