If One More Person Asks Me…

I should probably preface this with I am sorry in advance–and I appreciate all of the care and concern and wonder that people have for Machelle and myself..but if one more person that I see on a daily basis asks me if we have had the baby yet, I can not be held responsible forContinue reading “If One More Person Asks Me…”

38 weeks and I guess it’s Mary’s turn again…

Hey All!! So it has been a while since I(Mary) have updated so I guess that it is time for me to give my perspective of how things have been going for the past month or so. We have stopped being so busy and have been just preparing for this little baby to meet us!Continue reading “38 weeks and I guess it’s Mary’s turn again…”

33 week update!!!

Hey All– Once again on the verge of not getting this weekly report out out before my week date switched, here we are on the verge of week 34. Week 33 was spent trying to pack more things in to a hospital bag for the baby and also for us! We have some things thatContinue reading “33 week update!!!”

Lets go to the zoo!!!!

What a great weekend we had! Saturday we spent at our favorite (not so healthy) breakfast place and while we were there, I asked Machelle if she wanted to go to the zoo the next day..I already knew the answer, this girl loves the zoo! I was worried about her walking around that much becauseContinue reading “Lets go to the zoo!!!!”

21 Weeks, Graduation and a Wedding

This week has been quite the busy one! Machelle graduated college with her undergraduate yesterday and begins her MBA program tomorrow..so I got a whole 1 day with no school worries or homework. I am so proud of Machelle and couldn’t be happier for her. I didn’t think that the ceremony would affect me, butContinue reading “21 Weeks, Graduation and a Wedding”