33 week update!!!

Hey All– Once again on the verge of not getting this weekly report out out before my week date switched, here we are on the verge of week 34. Week 33 was spent trying to pack more things in to a hospital bag for the baby and also for us! We have some things thatContinue reading “33 week update!!!”

21 Weeks, Graduation and a Wedding

This week has been quite the busy one! Machelle graduated college with her undergraduate yesterday and begins her MBA program tomorrow..so I got a whole 1 day with no school worries or homework. I am so proud of Machelle and couldn’t be happier for her. I didn’t think that the ceremony would affect me, butContinue reading “21 Weeks, Graduation and a Wedding”

Nineteen Weeks and Counting

Happy Sunday and blog update day y’all! It is hard for me to even put in to words how fast these weeks are going by. It seems like yesterday that we were telling my parents that we were approximately 4 weeks pregnant! This past week has been a good one, but one that has alsoContinue reading “Nineteen Weeks and Counting”

Week 17 and 18 and a whole lot of life

Wow–so its been a few weeks since we updated the blog, so here goes. We have been really busy with what I guess some people would call life…so we have been neglecting the blog. Last weekend, I (Mary) went to a bachelorette party in Carolina Beach/Wilmington and had a blast! It was so much funContinue reading “Week 17 and 18 and a whole lot of life”

Week 16- Doodle Bug Can Hear!

Doodle Bug can hear! SO exciting to think that Doodle can hear what we are saying. I am sure that there are some things that little ears should be not exposed to, but I don’t think that baby is quite ready to actually understand a few bad words sprinkled throughout a conversation. This week wasContinue reading “Week 16- Doodle Bug Can Hear!”

Hearing Doodlebug’s Heartbeat

Ok..so typically I was going to do my best to update the blog once a week..but I can’t wait until Sunday to share the good news that we got at the midwife appointment today! We knew that we were going to be going in today to hear little doodlebug’s heartbeat. We went in and gotContinue reading “Hearing Doodlebug’s Heartbeat”